Business Plans

Our business plans are written to tell potential investors and banks exactly what they need to know about your idea.

Feasibility Studies

We also write Feasibility Studies and Pre-Feasibility Studies to help you determine the next phase(s) of project development.

Raising Capital

We can help with raising capital. We'll introduce you to our group of investors and global business network.

Business Modeling

We will help you refine your business model. This will complement your business plan.

Our Business Experience

We have 20+ years of international business experience. We will save you time, money, and headaches.

What We Do

We help companies set up industrial projects. And one of the main services we provide is business plan writing.

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New Start-Ups

We can customize an industrial business plan for your new venture. Give us a call and let’s discuss your idea.

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Our Experience

All of our team members have worked in the industrial sector – hence applying real-world experience to your business plan.

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Who We Are

IndustrialConsultant.com, LLC. is an international industrial consulting firm specializing in helping industrial businesses expand.

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